WP JobRoller CareerBuilder Job Importer

WP JobRoller CareerBuilder Job Importer Plugin Import job from CareerBuilder according to your given parameter.

Features :

  1. Import job from CareerBuilder.
  2. Custom import according to your parameter.
  3. Set Multiple Campaign/Importer.
  4. Makes auto-blogging.
  5. Support WPMU.
  6. Custom template option.
  7. Set cron option.
  8. Multiple CareerBuilder account data import.

More Detail : https://socialcms.wordpress.com/contact-us/

  1. Install WP JobRoller  CareerBuilder Job Importer WordPress Plugin

    • Upload the WP JobRoller CareerBuilder  Job Importer WordPress Plugin folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
    • Activate the WP JobRoller CareerBuilder Job Importer WordPress Plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
    • Go JR CareerBuilder Importer in admin menu and add new importer search parameter click save button
    • In importer list click Fetch Now link.
  2. Plugin Help File

    After installing WP JobRoller CareerBuilder Job Importer WordPress Plugin, click on –Add New. The products are imported from CareerBuilder  Database to JobRoller  jobs section.

  • CareerBuilder Job Importer Settings WP JobRoller CareerBuilder  screenshot

    • Campaign Name : Run multiple campaigns like “PHP”,”IT” etc with multiple CareerBuilder Accounts and fetch products from Indeed.this is only for differentiate importer.
    • DeveloperKey : Your DeveloperKey from api.careerbuilder.com. Don’t you have such a key? Request one here.
    • Keyword : Import this keyword base
    • Job Title : Import this Job Title jobs
    • Company : Import this Company jobs
    • Country : Import this County jobs
    • Location : Import this Location jobs
    • Max Items to Import :Maximum value is 20; we recommend that you set the Max Item Import parameter to 10
    • Feed Status : The products will be auto fetched if the feed status is active
  • WP JobRoller Settings

    • New Post Status : The products can be directly published in the blog or stored in draft section for approval at a later stage
    • Category Name : List of Categories from WP JobRoller. The “WP JobRoller CareerBuilder Job Importer” from above settings will be inserted in that category
    • Job Type : List of Job Type from WP JobRoller. The WP JobRoller CareerBuilder Job Importer from above settings will be inserted in that category
    • Job Tags : Add default tags or use Use Macro {job_city},{job_state},{job_company} or Your fix location separated by comma.
    • Job Location : Add default location or use Use Macro {job_city},{job_state},{job_location},{post_code}
    • Job Company : Add default Company or use Use Macro {job_company}
    • Website URL : Add default website URL or use Use Macro {company_url},{job_detail_url}
    • Apply Now URL : Add default Apply Now URL or use Use Macro {job_detail_url}
    • Job Duration  : Set Job Duration display
    • Run Every : Built in cron feature that automatically fetches products from CareerBuilder site that can be set to run after specific periods like day, week etc
    • Author  : Set Job Author
    • Display Template : List of fields that will be displayed in the product description page like job_company job_city, job_description etc.
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