SimplyHired Job Importer

SimplyHired Job Importer WordPress Plugin Import job from SimplyHired API according to your given parameter.

Features :

  1. Import job from SimplyHired.
  2. Custom import according to your parameter.
  3. makes auto blogging.
  4. Support WPMU.
  5. Custom template option.
  6. Set cron option.
  7. Multiple SimplyHired  (job-a-matic) account data import.

More Detail :

  • SimplyHired Job Importer Settings

      • Campaign Name
        Run multiple campaigns like “PHP”,“IT“ etc with multiple SimplyHired  Accounts and fetch products from SimplyHired.this is only for differentiate importer.
      • Publisher ID
        Your Publisher ID from . Don’t you have such a key? Request one here.
      • Job-a-matic domain
        Your Job-a-matic domain  from . Don’t you have such a key? Request one here.
      • Keyword
        Import this keyword base
      • Country
        Import this county jobs
      • Location
        Import this location jobs
      • Max Items to Import
        Maximum value is 20; we recommend that you set the Max Item Import parameter to 10
      • Feed Status
        The products will be auto fetched if the feed status is active

      SimplyHired Job Importer screenshot

    Display Template Macro

    Name Description
    {job_company} Job source company name display.
    {job_description} Job description display.
    {job_location} Job location display like Austin,TX
    {job_city} Job city name display
    {job_state} Job state name display
    {job_country} Job county name display.
    {job_detail_url} Job detail url from SimplyHired like
    {job_detail_url_link} Job detail url with link from SimplyHired like
    {job_detail_url_more_link} Job detail url link from SimplyHired like More >>
    {job_post_code} Job post/zip code display
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